Sunday, June 8, 2014

Work For a Cause, Not Applause!

I absolutely live by those words and have not divulged my true passions until just a few months ago. My pink chefs coat AND my passion(besides my columns and cookbook) are the two examples.
Let's start with my chefs coat. it has only been a short time that I have told anyone why I wear pink.
Certainly I love the color(hence this blog and my website) but because my biological mother is no longer with us, I keep her close because she succumbed to breast cancer. Not only is it a way of carrying her legacy with me every step of my culinary adventure, but it gives me strength beyond compare. If my Mom, and others afflicted with this malady, can go through life with a smile and have the backbone to overcome anything that stands in their way while they await that heavenly decision, than I certainly can subdue minor "irritations" that seem to pop up in my life. I cannot overemphasize how truly blessed I am to be alive and to want to help others. Hence the second equation of this post below. Bless all of you who are dealing with Breast Cancer and especially those who have children. I will never be able to fully understand what you are going through but I can give you my heart, devotion and, at the very least, due recognition.

My other passion is helping those who cannot help themselves. Be it knowledge of preparation, finances, employee moral and consideration or simply a helping hand, I have been and always will be, there. Yanked isn't simply a term I use for recipes, but for those troubled food-related establishments that need that extra 'kick in the pants'.

I watched those shows on television where certain celebrity chefs holler, swear, ridicule and completely and morally trash personal and owners of certain restaurants in order to make them understand what is right or wrong.

There is one chef who shall remain nameless that I have watched repeatedly in the past(but cannot even tolerate him for even one minute now) that 'out-bullies' them all. The beginning credits show him walking into a restaurant with a sledge hammer. I have repeatedly watched him stand in the middle of a dining room and literally holler and ridicule staff and management to the point of tears, at the same time catching him turning to make sure the camera is on him.

Now I can already hear some of you saying "But they are famous, rich and very VERY smart. You have nothing on them!" Get over it already and give me just a little more time, my day is coming but my attitude will always be the same. I wasn't intimidated when I was a boxer, magician or anything else I strove to do to the best of my ability, and I certainly am no different now.

To put it mildly and as politically correct as I can..........nahhh....STOP IT ALREADY!!! The days of X management is over. I went through it and it simply doesn't do a thing. Now mind you, I don't disagree of laying the hammer down at times, but ratings or self-ego is NOT the reason.
I grew up under X management from my Dad, the second Yankee Chef. And if anyone thinks that there is anyone more stern, straight to the point and straight-forward than a true Yankee, you are truly wrong! But is done when the time is right, IF that time ever occurs.

I started in the restaurant of my fathers at the age of 12. I have known nothing but hard work all my life. I have always told everyone that "If I can do it, you can!". I don't believe in not earning your pay. I don't believe in doddling or just biding your time till quitting time. I don't believe in laziness and I especially don't believe in grandstanding.

My focus, however, is also different than other television chefs.
It is the Mom and Pop diners, the struggling eateries in truck stops or gas stations or simply that little out of the way greasy spoon that need help the most. They are the back bone of culinary comfort and it is those I focus my attention and expertise. I also avail myself of higher end restaurants that are struggling but show them that "dumbing down" is the heart of American feel good food and that Yanking their food not only saves them money, time and energy but brings about a happier, more content staff that can readily promote the menu and easily answer any questions a customer may need answered.

By Yanking a restaurants menu, staff and concept that isn't working, their bottom line is enhanced, their customers will come back again and again, word of mouth increases and employee loyalty, efficiency and happiness is multiplied.

So that is what I have been doing between judging, writing and being a Dad. That is also the concept that I have been working to publicize on a more broad scale nationally. My style is unmatched, my attitude is dry, my personality is comforting, my tenacity is bullish and my heart is part of it all.

It's Just That Simple!™



Anonymous said...

I truly hope someone that foresees the marketability of The Yankee Chef jumps on board with you Chef. You are a joy to read and I look forward to seeing who you sign with.

pastapro said...

I agree with you Yankee Chef. It would also be a pleasure seeing you on television. Get the ball rolling will ya?