Friday, May 10, 2019

Yes....I am a "Square"!

I will never forget walking into a shoe store a couple of years ago and asking for a certain type of shoes I really wanted. They were called hush puppies, and not just any old kind of hush puppy, they had to come up to my ankle. Now I hadn't been in a shoe store searching for shoes or sneakers for a long time. I ordinarily simply run in, grab a pair of sneakers I like the looks of and leaving. No searching out or looking for any particular type.

So the girl at the mall(after explaining to her what I was looking for, and knowing she wasn't even born in the 70s, 80s or even the 90s)looked at me with a complete blank face. After a few moments of smoke coming out of her ears(figuratively of course), she snapped back into reality and put both hands up. She extended both index fingers and drew an air square. Of course I immediately knew she was calling me a square and how she even knew what that meant is beyond me. Heck, I haven't even uttered that name since high school.

Now my kids roll their eyes at the mere mention of the fun we had in the 60s and 70s and continue on with the allusion that their Dad was truly a square, especially when I mention the different ways we had fun growing up. But there truly is a lot to be said for the former times of creating our OWN, imaginative pasttimes and getting outside to enjoy life, rather than seeking "enjoyment" through electronic means. We thought nothing of hopping on our big wheel or banana seat bike and cruisin' down the street. If we were lucky enough to grab a pillow case or burlap bag, then everyone knew what that meant. SACK RACE!!! Leap frog was so much fun back then as well. Go ahead and put the words leap frog game in any search engine and see what you come up with....I am waiting.......It has all but disapeared from life now.

I am very proud and content knowing that our answers to boredom needed to be sought from within rather than having any device dictate the answer.
There was so many different ways to play tag. From TV tag to frozen tag, this game was probably to most fun. Add to that walking around on stilts, hide and seek, kick ball or simply building our own tree house out back.

When the family wanted to go somewhere on a Sunday, we would hop in the back of the station wagon and go for an ice cream cone somewhere.
THAT was a treat because we weren't able to stop at the store whenever the mood hit us and chose from hundreds of sweets. Not only was it too expensive but our parents wouldn't allow us to "rot our teeth" at a whim.

As for impressing our friends in the way of fashion, well all I can say is that we thought we were so groovy whenever Mom and Dad bought us a new pair of converse sneakers,
those high healed shoes or some flashy bell bottoms. We mixed polka dotted, butterfly collared shirts with striped pants and we were outta sight!

Not only is this post a quick trip down memory lane, but I am hoping it will spark a little incentive in parents to bring their children outside, now that summer is around the corner, and maybe spark your childs interest in something that is healthy for them, rather than seeking "gun" on the internet or other 'thumb-driven' means. Heck, stop and grab a hoolahoop the next time you go out and surprise your child with it.
You will be amazed at the fun they will have, at least for a fleeting day. Don't give up though! Just because your children may think you too are a square, continue to offer alternatives in their lives. I am quite sure 95% of anything you show them will be met with a scowl or brush off, but as a parent it is your responsibility to keep them active, open minded, feel their mind and body and above all....YOU BE THEIR INTELLIGENCE, not the artificial plug in sitting on their lap or held in their hands. I am not here to harp on you, but just stimulate. I am guilty at times of taking the easy route when it comes to entertaining my children, but it is always in my mind to get them to set down their devices and do something that is constructive physically and mentally. It really is easier than you think and it leaves no guilty feeling.

So I am not the least bit offended by being called square! In fact, I am not offended by many things. If I am, I simply turn the other cheek or alter my route. That, too, is something we should be teaching our children. Everything in life doesn't need to be conformed around their likes and dislikes. They need to know how to handle that which they don't like. This plays along perfectly with this post. So let US teach them and nobody or noTHING take that parenting skill over.

Monday, April 1, 2019

They STILL Don't Understand!

    I was watching a show on television last night called America's Hidden Stories on the Smithsonian Channel. I love this show and find it very intriguing and informative.....except for one particular episode called Salem's Secrets. One of their tag lines is:

 "Today, a group of historians uncovers new information about the infamous witch hunt in an effort to answer its most enduring mysteries."

    Boy did my "gander" get up! I just cannot believe that with our supposed, evolving intelligence, these so-called experts, historians and psychologists are still reaching for straws when it comes to explaining the actions of these wretched girls who cast unfounded aspersions of the poor souls of Salem in 1692.

    They were on the program alluding to a NEW psychosis/disorder in order to explain what Occam's Razor has already, and I elaborate in my book Witch Hunts. There is NO psychosis, no medical or psychological reason and absolutely no sickness involved in this hysteria. And the answer is right in front of you, actually in that one word at the end of the previous sentence.

    Everything and everyone has to have a label now, which is absurd. It is as if my father's premonition is coming true. He told me before he died in 2001 that he was glad he was departing this life because slowly our world, especially our country, is becoming a blameless society. Nobody will accept fault for their actions, nor will those who have the intelligence place blame. Rather finding a "rational" label for their behavior, which is irrational on its face.
    These experts are furthering foolish labeling only to have their listeners think they are so intelligent in their assertions and diagnosis that everyone should believe them. THEY are the last word on a subject that needs no intelligence to understand, conclude and answer. Simply common sense, a level head and the attitude of not caring about notoriety or publicity.
    Purely propaganda, notoriety, self grandiose attention were the SOLE reason for the dangerous behavior in 1692. And think about this. We are STILL using the same exact behavior today, and have over the centuries since Salem. Further proof that we have not evolved in intelligence, but still allow our attention seeking soul to override common sense.

    Read my book, Witch Hunts, and you will completely understand and with any luck, you will heed the past and actually evolve intelligently.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

My Labor of Love


    I have just finished my book called An Amazing Journey. It is the complete book on the Bailey family, the ancestry and the lineage that has so eluded genealogists for decades. But it is far more than a "black and white" genealogical work. I have added a TON of information on the early families of New England in the Massachusetts colony, as well as way too much data to even begin listing here. Containing hundreds of names and old New England families, I have added so much information on exactly how our ancestors lived, and not the affluent inhabitants. It just so happens that my family were simply...well, simple in means. We worked for a living and always have. I go into detail about every day lives of every day citizens of Puritan New England, Massachusetts and Maine and continue up until the start of the 20th century.

   Going back to the times before the early 17th century, I take you on a journey through England, the greatest storm ever to hit New England's coast and continue backward to the Norman Conquest, the castles and lands held not only by our family but others of prominence.
Continuing back, I solve many mysteries and place the "missing brick" back into the wall that has so often hindered historians.

   I take you to a time where our family was murdered on one hand, yet crowned King on the other. We break open the secret veil of adultery that is STILL not talked about in English stories of the monarchy.

   I take you through biblical times and beyond in order to continue one family's line, unbroken, to the beginning of time. This is an accomplishment that is rarely completed and I am proud to have finished.

   From the founding of small towns such as Baileyville, Topsfield, Princeston, Maine and surrounding towns, to the Bailey records of Newburyport and Salisbury, MA and continuing on back in time to Chippenham, Scotland and Wales, find information not in print and undiscovered as you read yourself back in time. I give you information that has never been sought out and linked together in order to  complete this family history. A very comprehensive book that reads like a fiction. You will also find some valuable information for the beginning genealogist as well as some data that professional genealogists have overlooked all these years.

   But my proudest literary achievement in this book has to do with Nathaniel Bailey. He was the founder of Baileyville in Maine and there is so much missing about his life....up until this book! I have closed every single missing year and added so much data on him that I am proud to have descended from him.

   This truly is a wondrous Trek Through Time and I urge you to grab your copy. I will add, however, that at times, I am simply black and white. What I mean is I give precise and concise data on food prices, home living, how our ancestors named their children and a lot of information that I did not take the poetic license to glorify or dramatize it. What was it that Sgt. Friday always said on Dragnet? "Just the facts!". If I had taken the drama route in order to hyperbolize some of these stories, the book would have easily been a thousand pages.

   If you want a book that ensnares you in a fictional world and keeps you enraptured an imaginative tale , pay attention to my next book, which will be a novel full of....well, you will soon see.

For those of you who wish to order, please see:

.....or simply email me directly through the contact form to your right.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Remember When?

   I thought I would share some memories of days long ago when we weren't glued to our electronic devices so that we can try to bring down our stress levels from all the political nonsense and foolishness that pervade our lives minute in and minute out. Some of the following items were way before my time, but I am sure many of you have heard stories passed down from your parents, grandparents of days when being outside brought about imaginative games, snacks and treats were so few and far between that they are indelibly mounted on our biological memory board. Foods that are no longer made, but thought of in a calming manner and toys that made us smile much more than adolescent and, oftentimes, vulgar memes.

   For example, I remember all too vividly and happily, albeit mundane and a pain in the butt at the time, having to use the dictionary and encyclopedia whenever I needed an answer for school or pleasure. "Dad, what does monumental mean?" I would ask my Dad, even though I knew precisely the answer that was bellowed from his deeply rich retort. "Look it up!"....Always the same answer to every single query I sought an answer to.

   I fondly remember Dad telling me about his grandfather going out into the woods in Topsfield, Maine to gather a(now long forgotten)glob of spruce gum. Dad was wicked happy when he saw his grandfather return, reach into his pocket and pull  out a small wooden box with a sliding lid, He knew instantly that he was in for a treat of some of Mother Nature's finest...thick spruce sap that had been stretched, pulled and kneaded by his grandfather until it had formed a mass of soft plastic-like rubbery chewing gum. Many of the old time loggers in Maine woods would take their off
day(Sunday)and forage throughout the woods to collect this sap and store it in their own spruce gum box so that when they returned home to their children at the end of logging season. Kids adored this treat almost as much as they were happy to see their fathers again.

I won't go on and on about each item, nor do I need to.

Other forgotten gum from years gone by are:

Beachnut chewing gum.

Blackjack chewing gum.

Clove chewing gum.

Teaberry chewing gum.

Other sweet delights that are sadly gone today were:

Sugar Mama's.


Teem soda.

Shasta soda.

Sassafras(Sarsaparilla) soda.

Birch beer or soda.

RC soda.

How about tripe?


Liver and onions.

Cod Liver oil.



Father John's.

Castor oil.

Eye patches or lens covering for amblyopia.
Disclosure tablets

How about dressing up simply on Halloween? Hobo's and ghosts.

Red Rover.

Kick the Can.

3-legged races


Our clothing in the 1970s with platform shoes and butterfly collars...oh, and bell bottoms
Tag, Freeze tag, TV tag...

Playing marbles


Red Light, Green Light.

And how about those little ditties that have stuck with us for decades, like cigarette commercials and MacDonalds.

"Winston takes good, like a cigarette should"

Remember dressing up simply on Halloween?

The old Maypole

Or being able to utter "Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun", in 4 seconds for a free Big Mac?
We thought we were the coolest when we got our first record player

 "Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight that switch";

Or always getting your Dad Hai Karate aftershave on Father's Day?