Saturday, July 11, 2020


I have just begun to notice that I do not write much about my homelife, thinking instead of business, business, business. And I don't think that is what a blog is meant for.  I notice most people talk about more personal things on blogs and leave the business to their websites. So I think I WILL follow suit and begin pushing my website,, for cooking and use my blog for passionate endeavors and other, more intimate details. For example, many of you may be aware that my son and I spent days and days digging up the ground for a 21 foot pool.

 And to top it off, instead of having sand trucked in for the floor(under the mat), we decided to sift every bit of sand we dug and use it for coving as well.

Everything worked out perfectly, plus I saved a ton of money. A little hard work never hurt anyone.


Now on top of that, my family and I took our yearly pilgrimage to Topsfield to 'say hi' to our ancestors and what a beautiful scene we came to when we went to Thomas Bailey's grave.  Above, find the headstone of Thomas BAiley and his father Josiah of whom my book was relentlessly written. While on our way to Topsfield, we decided to FINALLY take a picture of my son Nathaniel(named after Josiah's father and founder of Baileyville, Nathaniel Bailey) with my grand daughter Aviana at 3 generations of Baileys buried in Lincoln, namely my Dad Jack, his father Samuel and his father Jesse, along with Jesse's wife Alice and my dear Uncle Val.

And speaking of graves, I am elated that my other son Thomas is the first one to say yes when I ask him to do something special for someone else. A longtime friend of mine living in Topsfield was looking for someone to clean her mothers headstone in the next town over from where I live and she offered a pile of rhubarb in consideration for me doing her a favor. Rhubarb?!?! Ahh....that was a no brainah'. Thomas even jumped at the chance of helping someone. Plus what a great learning experience for him.

And last but certainly not least is our down time.
With a youngin' to keep wet and cool this summer in Maine, Aviana and her mom Jessica(along with Thomas and I) went to the splash pad in Bangor and Aviana met her great aunt Diana for the first time along with a cousin, Lindsay.
Boy does Aviana have a huge family to get to know. A whole slew of cousins just itching to play.