Wednesday, August 29, 2018



   Why this hashtag? I never would have thought that the day would come when I would go a full week of retail shopping and not ONCE hear a thank you from a clerk....NOT ONCE!

   It has happened so frequently that I NOW stand there after buying something(and not hearing a thank you), wait a moment or two and exclaim rather loudly "YOU'RE WELCOME!" And guess what?!

   Over 75% of the time, I either get a black stare as if they are completely lost in some parallel universe or they simply say "Okay."

   I just am floored by this lack of appreciation in today's world, and it is predominantly the younger generation that have the manners of a crowbar.

   There is a store in the next town over from where I live, and only a 6 minute drive, that is particularly clueless and dumbfounded when it comes to this basic of all retorts.

   About 3 weeks ago, I even messaged that store owner on Facebook and asked him why 'thank you's' are never offered to his customers. He apologized and agreed with me that it costs absolutely nothing to be thankful and to show appreciation. He subsequently assured me that he would talk to his staff and offer them a course in being appreciative.

   I would not have said anything to him had it not be for my 7 year old Thomas. Thomas now is, and on his own, doing the same thing because I will give him a dollar to spend and when he is done paying for it(which gives him a thrill to do it on his own)clerks STILL do not say thank you to him! I have consistently told Thomas to ALWAYS say thank you and you're welcome. And at the beginning, he would ask me "Why didn't they say thank you to me Dad?". The only answer I can give him is not sugar-coated. "They are rude Thomas". Which is absolutely the truth. How can you not say thank you to a child? It truly boggles me. Anyway, back to the post.

   So from 3 weeks ago to now, I have repeatedly gone back to this store, mostly without my son, and have patiently waited for a thank you ever since. I have waited in line and been in an opposite line and intently listen while others are making their purchases. NOT ONCE at this store have I heard a thank you from anyone. 

   Why on earth is is so hard to say thank you? Either this owner truly did not think it was necessary for his employees to be thankful for having a job(admit it, it is the paying customers that allow for them to feed their own families)so he did not say a word or these same employees decided on their own that there is no reason to be thankful. Surely it can't be that they think the customer should be thankful, therefore alienating themselves from politeness.....

   And it is not just this one store, it is in almost every single store you patronize now. Boy, if I didn't say please and thank you when I was a child, after a minute with Dad, I was sure never to forget it the next time.

   Have we come to a point today that it is okay and normal to be so ill-prepared in the way of manners? Have we adopted the universal attitude of hatred, or at the very least complacency and "mememe" personalities now? Again, I have repeated over and over again since 2001, my Dad's last, thought provoking, phrase was "It is fast becoming a blameless society." And it truly is!

    This younger generation of clerk who deal with the public truly don't think a simple thank you is needed, therefore "don't blame me" goes hand in had with "mememe" now. 

   I want some of you to try the same thing I and my so do. Whenever you don't hear a thank you, say "you're welcome" and see what happens. See that blank stare in their faces or listen to the awkward response they give. It is amazing, regretful and certainly a worrisome trend for the future.

 I know Henry Wheeler Shaw, the famous humorist, once said "One of the greatest victories you can gain over any man is to beat him at politeness." But it is getting harder and harder to believe those words now. 

   Yup, this is the world you are growing up in now son, and I truly hope you are not part of the #mememe group.