Friday, February 14, 2020

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes

   My latest book is truly a work of fun. I wanted to take a break from research, cooking and being serious and focus on some topics that capture your imagination and get you thinking. This book does that and then some.

   I also wanted to finally solve a topic that many in the religious community think don't belong together. And that is the relationship between the Bible and God in particular and other beings that may be or may not exist that are not of this earth. Many people will say that if there were other beings in the universe, then God would have said so in the Bible. This  is not the case, and i explain it in the book. 

 Here is the paperback version. The ebook version is below.

   I also have little known mysteries, enigmas and events that cannot be explained by believers and skeptics alike. I tried to bring you 'riddles' that even the harshest critic cannot explain away, or at least if they try to, the story is far more believable than what the skeptic an assert.

   I have given you over 100 just such cases from telekinetic powers, UFOs, ghosts, teleportations and simply a whole host of weird things that will really have you scratching your head.
So have fun and I think you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book. I know, I know. I told you last time I was going to write a fiction, but I wanted just one more book under my belt before I dive into those waters.

   Now here is the link and picture of the same book, but as an ebook. I need to explain that you will notice that each has a different cover and title. This ebook I had to change the title slightly because someone else wrote an ebook a few years back with the same title, so I changed it up a little. It is the same exact book though.

   I have to add one more thing to this post that makes me super excited. My youngest, Thomas, has decided to pick up the violin now. So I went to my friend Rob at RDL Strings in Bangor and got him his first REAL violin, a full size that will last him the rest of his life. Anyway, he was tickled pink, as my Dad would say, when he got it a couple days ago. Now to hopefully keep him interested, He is the last of my children that can keep the fiddle playing going for the fourth generation. Keeping my fingers crossed.