Wednesday, June 26, 2019

More Than Money.....

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Ever since my book, An Amazing Journey came out a month or so ago, the book has been a tremendous success. But success in many more ways than I could ever have imagined. Financially, I am astounded at the geographic demand for it. I have sold so many copies to people throughout the United States, England, Scotland, Wales and far beyond. The reason? I can only surmise that it is because this is the first book to completely cover the Bailey family when they first came to America as well as close gaps that for centuries have eluded historians and genealogists.

I uncovered facts that were elusive and simply too far into the fray for many to research unless you had the determination to do so.

It also goes back millenia before 1635 as well. Although supplying the reader with an accurate lineage of this family was quite easy, it was looking out of the box that proved to be the key to unlocking many roadblocks.

I also employed a unique writing style that presented this book to be read as a fiction rather than a name, date and place compilation. I incorporated all references in the main body of the book rather than adding footnotes. I added so much date on allied families as well, along with a huge amount of information about the life and hardships that families(other than the focused family of the book)endured and lived. I added data on people, assets, town governments and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
But the most prized result of finally putting this book in print was a connection of one lost family with another.

In one particular generation, Thomas Bailey(my great great grandfather of Topsfield, Maine and my sons namesake)was married twice. He had a full family before marrying my great great grandmother. For over 20 years I have searched and searched for anyone that was descended from Thomas and Catherine Ripley, his first wife. I came up short every single time and it was the most important roadblock for me to cross all these years.

After the first week of it being on Amazon, I received an email from a lady in Wyoming that was directly descended from Thomas and Catherine and she told me that there was a whole slew of Baileys waiting to connect with the Maine Baileys. That was it!

I can honestly say my life's mission has been fulfilled and this book has accomplished everything I ever expected.

Add that I have connected with so many other Bailey members here in Maine and far beyond is yet another reason I can smile when I look at my book. I have been blessed far beyond what my royalty checks can give me.

What started out as a book that I could literally hand down to my children for posterity has evolved into what was in the top 10 new releases on Amazon for weeks, and what can I say?

Thank you for everyone who has reached out to me. Thank you to everyone who has descended from John Bayley of Newburyport, Massachusetts and thank you to every single person who has purchased this book. I think you will thoroughly enjoy reading it and all I have is one more desire. That is to start the Bailey/Bayley Association back up gain for all of us who are descended from John. This association was quite briskly attended 100 years ago and it sure would be nice to begin again. It would be monumental to have a gathering of Washington County Baileys as well, even if it only once every 5 years. I am sure there are pictures, stories and even memorabilia still out there that would be fascination to see.

Again, my Bailey mission is complete and I am truly blessed at the huge Bailey family that have benefited from my book.