Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Long Lost Pictures

Here are three pictures that I just found that may not be significant to anyone else but the particular families involved. As many of you know, I am a consummate Historian and a die-hard family romantic. I have most of my families oldest pictures and I treasure them as much as my great grandfathers violin.  some of you who are reading this post who live in or around the Topsfield, Princeton area of Maine may see some family members you never knew there were pictures of. hope to hear from anyone who are related.

Here is the Bailey family gathered for the 50th wedding anniversary in 1926 at Princeton for Thomas Jefferson Bailey and his wife, Clara(Breen)Bailey. I have the names of about half of these folks, including the surnames of Hold and Bailey.

Here are(without knowing who is who and only a portion of the people identified but they are Baileys. The names below is what is written on the back of the picture):

George-Guy and Son-Mary-Roy Baileys son-Aunt May-Pauline-Roy-Allan Hold-Ethel-Gram(Clara Breen Bailey) and what looks to say "Ide's wife Meddig"

During that same 50th anniversary, these ladies are identified as follows, from back row, left to right:
Ethel(Clara Ethel)Bailey-Annie(Philinda)Bailey-May(Maybelle Bailey)

Front row-Ora Bailey-Gram(Clara Bailey) and Mattie(Martha Bailey)


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Joanne Fielding said...

Great history of your family...thanks for sharing