Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Salem's Witch Hunt...and a whole lot more!

Here it is, my newest book about...well, solving the Salem Witch Hunt, McCarthyism, WWI and WWII mass hysteria outbreaks, and many more instances of lives that were ruined simply because of our stupidity, demagoguery, blindness, recklessness and pure uncaring attitudes about our fellow man is FINALLY out. And I say man, which encompasses ALL of mankind, so if you are offended(Cathy Areu) find a hobby...or something.
If you are truly subjective in your mind, if you want to learn about the past Witch Hunts so we can't be bound to repeat them or simply want something to think about, this is the book for you.

Find it on Amazon here...


Anonymous said...

Just got my copy today. Will let you know what I think. Glad someone level headed is writing about this retarded crap going on in, what was once a great, country.

Dadof4 said...

You can't get more left than I am, and although I hesitated about buying this, I did. And glad of it! I have 3 teens at home and all of us read it. You truly opened our eyes and now we are thinking of the future and hoping to keep our stress level in check at the same time. This book put EVERYTHING in perspective and thank you so much Mr. Bailey. It was really a great read!!!!!