Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My Best So Far

Here is my third book, entitled The Sweet Fight. I think it is my best book yet because I was able to be as creative as I wanted. I was also able to set the price. That is the one thing that always bothered me. Well, that and not being able to design my own cover. 

It covers so much when it comes to children's health and reasons why we(as parents)need to change their eating habits NOW! And the best way for the to happen is.................well, you gotta read the book. Not only does it have all sorts of facts and info on childhood nutrition, but I give some some ingenious ways of hiding all that is good for them in ways they would know, showing how parents can showcase fruits and vegetables that intrigues them and ideas on how to introduce such goodness in their diets. 

I have also given dozens of recipes that highlight vegetables in entrees that are the primary focus, with proteins as a back up. That way, everyone is still satisfying that carnivorous gene each of us have.

So take a look at and obviously buy this cookbook. I have added some blank pages in it so that your child can add his/her own creative ideas and recipes for your grandchildren and beyond to enjoy. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to open that book up 50 years in the future to see what was written and think about that one day when you spent some quality time with your loved one?

Follow the link to your right for the most creative cookbook around. 

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