Sunday, February 26, 2017

I AM The Yankee Chef

I can't tell you how thankful I am that my brand, The Yankee Chef, has finally overcome any and all obstacles that has stood in the way for the past 3 months with regards to registering with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As per my previous post about the New York Yankees, I was quite ill prepared to begin with when registering the name with the USPTP. Never in a million years did I think ANYONE would either object or try to delay what is obviously a "no brainah" when it came to being called The Yankee Chef. Once all my p's and q's were all lined up, I thought it would only have been a matter or time in order to finally have The Yankee Chef legally binding, but then a wrench was thrown I thought.

The New York Yankees asked for an extension of time in order to learn if I would be detrimental to their organization if I were to officially become such. The NEW YORK Yankees!!!!! Really!?!?

So I hired an attorney to represent not only my best interest, but to sort through what could possibly be so "defaming". Come to find out, it was money I didn't need to spend.

The Yankee organization was more than willing to explain everything to me and help me through the process and the reasons why they were concerned....although I still don't believe there should have been ANY concern. After all, I AM a Yankee, I AM a chef, I AM THE YANKEE CHEF!!!

At first, they wanted me to agree that I will NOT have anything to do with ANY sports team EVER...again, REALLY!?!? I couldn't endorse, work with or even have any collusion with even an amateur boxer with the name The Yankee Chef. It didn't take long to completely and utterly refuse such a silly request on their part.

So after some haggling back and forth and another long delay on their part(apparently to think it over and for the legal department to talk to the owners)they emailed me to let me know that as long as I changed my fonts on my website and logo, we were good to go....oh, and NOT to have any relationship with another baseball team.

So I thought about it long and hard, at least through one cup of coffee, and decided that the money I spent, the time I paced would be all the "side bars" I would entertain again. So be it!

I signed the final agreement and now we are good to go.

I will gladly thank the organization for the help and sincere friendship they showed me in finalizing our agreement. At first it bothered me, they irritated me and angered me. Now I feel quite comfortable with the end result and, although they are New Yorker's, I am proud to call them friends on a personal level.

We had a few laughs during the many phone conversations I had with them and they showed me that they were NOT the big bad guys I initially touted them as. They were there for me even when I had silly questions, They were there for me when I had sincere concerns and they were there WITH me during the final draft. Hell, I might even watch them play once in a while now.

So from a few generations of real Yankees to a team that is Yankee in name only, I say thanks. (And that was NOT a slam.....maybe an elbow in the side though.)


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