Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I have had it right up to about here(do you see where I am holding my hand?)with adding salt at every single turn in the kitchen. I guess it hit a peak when I saw Chef Ramsay get extremely upset with someone for NOT adding salt and pepper to a lobster roll. Not only is there absolutely no need to season Maine or East Coast lobster when making a lobster roll, but it simply doesn't belong!
Maybe Rock lobster needs seasoning so you can taste it, but certainly not ours in the Northeast.

Another pet peeve I have is almost all cake, pie and a myriad other sweet treats have you adding salt. Not only does it accomplish zero in the way of taste, in cakes for example, but it is not needed! Chefs worldwide will tell you that adding salt helps to bring out the taste of whatever flavor cake you are making, even plain vanilla. If you want a more pronounced vanilla taste, ADD MORE VANILLA PEOPLE!.

We consume far too much salt without even knowing it today and by overlooking added salt where it simply is not needed, helps us control our health. You may not think a half teaspoon salt added to a recipe would make all that much difference, but consider this. Our daily allowance of salt is bout a teaspoon a day. By NOT adding extra salt when we don't need it, we will STILL absorb our daily allowance in other foods, even in soft drinks, candy, chocolate................not to mention processed foods.

Now I can hear a lot of you hollering at me "Now Jim, you add salt to some fruited pies!" My answer is rather simple. There are some instances where salt is needed, but I dare say that over 90% of all my fruited desserts are salt free. If you can't enjoy what nature has to offer, without raising your blood pressure.......well, I don't know what else to say.

This whole salt issue actually started when I noticed another well known television chef salting all heck out of fish before he dunked it into a batter to fry for an English Fish and Chip. Chef Irvine then set the batter-fried fish on a plate and can you guess what he did next?

Yup, he salted it AGAIN!!! And this doesn't even include the salt that is in the fish batter. My goodness everyone............STOP ALREADY!

All you need to do and stop and think. Do you REALLY need that salt in the recipe? You will be surprised at how many times the answer will be NO.

It's Just That Simple!


Anonymous said...

How right you are Chef.

Anonymous said...

WEll said Chef and I totally agree. Half the reason you see chefs "spray" salt all over the place before searing is because they think it makes them look knowledgeable. Just like that bald bozo wannabe in Bangor who "knows mushrooms", and whose gut and ego is way out in front, stay away. Nuff said. Thanks chef

kitchenkingpen said...

I agree Jim. We are all going to die because of the salt in so many products today. It is unbelievable. Even though fresh produce is more expensive(which is shouldn't be) we need to take care of our bodies better.

upandcoming said...

YOu have helped my son so much chef I can't even begin to thank you. Your approach to food is simple, straight forward and so cost efficient, it is easy for him to play around with recipes for his class at the CIA. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Salt is what is going to get us. Fat is bad, cholesterol is bad, sugar is bad but salt will kill you. Pure and simple, or as you would say Chef It's Just That Simple.