Friday, August 16, 2013

Not EVER Forgotten

My sister, Wendy Hager, just reminded me that our mother has been gone for 34 years today. It is absolutely amazing how time flies by. I forget many things over the years, and it seems as though every year that passes, more memories fade. But not the people that formed those memories.
It is sad to say that I have precious few pictures of my mother(2 to be exact) and very few momentos of her existence. That is not to say that living momentos, such as her children, grandchildren and extended family, don't bring to the forefront her image because they do. Every single time I see any of my brothers or sisters, I always envision my mother in one form or another.

The predominant image is her smiling because of the sheer number of relatives she created that think of her as often as I do. She would have been in her joy if she were around today because she would have made it a point to have us over to her kitchen table as much as possible.
I will never forget one memory of her. There was an instance one day that she thought someone was trying to break into her house in Bangor, or someone was lurking at night(that portion of my memory is somewhat faded). Now most people would have been frightened at the notion of a burglar or anyone that threatened you family. Not Mom!
All I remember is how angry she became. She rattled on(again, her words skip me)about how no one in the world would ever harm us kids. And the one line I remember her saying is "That would be a mistake!"
Hahahaha, I still think about how good I felt that day when she said that, and how comforting I was knowing that if ANYONE ever tried to harm us kids or our sanctuary, Mom would make sure it would have been a mistake.
I will never stop wearing my pink chefs coat, wherever I am cooking on any stage. It not only reminds me of the suffering she(and many other women go through) but in essence, it is Mom with me.

34 years!!! Where has it gone?

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