Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I am so proud to be associated with Bangor Floral Company for Mother's Day this year. I will be at Bangor Floral Company from 12-2 on the Saturday before Mother's Day signing my cookbook, The Yankee Chef, for any and all who want to come down and pick one up for the Mother in their lives.

Bangor Floral Company is donating a beautiful pink rose attractively attached to the cookbook and I, of course, will sign it to whoever you would like, with a little more than just my signature if you like. You just tell me what you want said, and I will write it for you.

I think this is a perfect gift and I do hope I see plenty of you down there.
The price you ask? $25.00!! That's it!! And if you are unable to come down, simply call those nice folks at Bangor Floral Company and they can work something out where we can deliver the book, along with any floral order you place with them, to the mother in your life. And yes, I will sign the delivered copy as well.
Now what's your reason for not coming down?

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Alesha Martin said...

Happy Mothers Day to all great mothers around the world. I salute each one of you. I miss my mom this year. I wish she was here so that I can show her my love and affection that I might have failed to show her before. My heartfelt mothers day messages to all of the wonderful moms. Again, Happy Mother's day