Monday, July 30, 2012

Me....Just ME

Downtown Bangor

I have decided to be a little more personable here on my blog. I am usually sometime who sees things in black and white but I truly am colorful and artsy on the inside. I have been truly blessed with everything that has happened in my life, from my children to my parents. I grew up in Bangor and moved away for a few years during high school to Skowhegan.
My grandfather

My grandfather was my father's driving influence, ad Dad is mine. Grampy Sam died when I was 5 and what a shame it is I couldn't have known him. A world class violinist and chef. Although my biological mother divorced my father when I was 2, my stepmother stepped into her role as mother with dignification and fortitude seldom seen today.

My father, Jack, was to undergo many serious health issues relating to his drinking habits genetically handed him by my grandfather. The full potential was never realized by father and son, and I am going to break that awful spell.

Watching and mimicking everything my father did, I started playing the same violin that has been in my family since 1870 at age 5. Yes, 5 years old. I wanted to be just like Dad and Grampy. I also went into his first restaurant at age 13, the Treadwell's Restaurant. I missed out on a lot of kid stuff but I was extremely happy helping Dad wash dishes, peeling potatoes and scrubbing floors. It was because of this work ethic(and desire to be another Jack Bailey)that I am who I am now.

The great area of New England, in particular Maine, afforded me the demeanor of frugality, thrift and a dry wit. It is often said that us New Englander's don't believe in or like ghosts because they don't pay rent. That is spot on when it comes to our heritage and personality.
Although I have my favorites when it comes to television chefs, it is only those who know where they came from, give back what has been given to them and, above4 all, those that show no pretentiousness. If(I should say when) I am on television or become well known, the general public will see me as one of their own. I cherish that.
I mean really? Where else can you see sights such as this EVERYWHERE?

Sure, I could go retain a position at a Michelin-star restaurant in order to further my culinary pursuits, but the route I want is the hard way. The same way I got to where I am now. You learn and I love learning. Many come out of culinary schools with their diplomas thinking they could be a chef anywhere they so choose without even having flipped an egg in a restaurant setting or tagged along a sommelier for a time.

Or this?

I am happy to say I have gone from bleaching a toilet to peeling potatoes to the fry station. I have worked in every aspect of the restaurant and I would do it again if it meant feeding my family. Through the years of tasting my grandmothers blueberry cake when a teen to my first chefs position, I love what I do and I can honestly say I can make a soup out of a pot of water.
My grandfather and father are gone now, but there legacy remains, pushing me to make The Yankee Chef™ as [popular as I can.

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