Saturday, June 23, 2012

Judging Is Over

All I have to say is WOW!! There were some amazing Whoopie Pies and it truly was a hard decision with regards to the Traditional Whoopie Pie contest. There were two that stood out in the "Creative" category and I ainta' sayin' nuthin' till the fat chef 2:30. Hope many of you were out in the, albeit humid, sunshine in Dover today. People were everywhere, enjoying themselves and you can't find more people in one spot that genuinely want to be friends with strangers.
The only drawback(and I will give some of you bakers some advise) is that a good Whoopie Pie doesn't need fancy names or ingredients. If I had a choice to vote on a great tasting Black Forest Whoopie Pie or a Lemon Meringue with Vanilla Scented Creme Whoopie Pie that was just mediocre, guess which one the Yankee Chef(and the other judges) are going to vote the best?
So Kudos to all involved and all there hard work coming up with these deliciously decadent Maine treat.

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