It's Just That Simple!™ Brand AND Something new from The Yankee Chef

Check out our newest summertime sauces and glazes, as well as Maine's OWN, original ICE CREAM Whoopie Pies.

   Enjoy the flavor of fruit and berries all summer long with our spectacular toppings with a secret. You will not find these flavors of toppings anywhere on America's store shelves, let alone with our little secret.

New England Apple Pie

Tastes exactly like Moms apple pie with the subtle hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice simmered in true Maine apple cider with chunks of real apples. One bite of this fan favorite and you will be enjoying it year round.

Very VERY Berry
A blend of pure fruit and berry juices loaded with blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. Pure lime juice tops off this ultimate in berry toppings.

Sweet Pineapple Tangerine

A blend of pure pineapple juice. pure orange juice with crushed pineapples and juice mandarin oranges packed into every jar. A MUST for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Maine MacApple Pancake Syrup
Pure apple cider from Rowe's Orchard in Newport, Maine reduced with cranberry juice for a slight tartness and topped off with spices that is that perfect substitution for fake maple syrup. The flavor of apple pie in every single bite. Take a closer look at our label below.

Strawberry Medley Pancake Syrup

Strawberries, raspberries pureed and cooked in pure fruit and berry juice. It is then refined to bring you a smooth syrup for any pancake, waffle and French Toast you will be serving. Take a closer look at our label above.

Sweet Orange Pineapple Pancake Syrup
Just as tasty and tart as our dessert topping, but soooo smooth, you will be throwing out that old jar of fake maple syrup!

And our newest products:

REAL Sweet and Sour Sauce

Because of the very few selections of sweet and sour sauces on store shelves and with a quick peak at their labels, showing sugar or corn syrup as a main ingredient(not to mention the complete and utter lack of acidity or ‘sour’ in the taste), we decided to do something about it! And here it is!! The BEST Sweet and Sour Sauce on the market today. Compare our label and see for yourself. Then buy a bottle and taste how sweet it is at the same time your lips curl slightly from our unique blend of tartness. Children will adore it and parents will smile knowing no sugar or corn syrup was added.

True Szechuan Sauce

A sauce with the taste of the Orient and the hot spice that made this sauce a favorite for centuries in the East. Google the many uses for this sauce (such as Szechuan Chicken from you will be buying it again and again and....

Gorilla Sauce

This bold, yet sweet, barbecue sauce was inspired by Africa's "Monkey Gland Sauce", which is an apple chutney-based barbecue sauce that owes its heat to pepper...and a lot of it. Starting with a base of pure Maine apple cider instead of apple chutney, I blend a variety of peppers and spices to give this summertime slather a great flavor while still retaining the heat from our brother chefs in Africa.

And our popular Apple Teriyaki Sauce/Glaze

Truly the way Teriyaki Sauce is meant to be made. With no sugar or corn syrup, you would never know it was missing either! The backdrop of real apple cider with the right amount of soy, garlic and ginger, it is thin enough for use as a marinade and just thick enough to baste and glaze. Perfect Perfect Perfect!!!

Now you are wondering about the SECRET! 


   That's right! Take a look at every single dessert/ice cream topping and pancake syrup anywhere and the first two ingredients you will find is sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup. But not in ours.
I often ask people "When was the last time you dipped a strawberry, or any fruit or berry, in sugar or corn syrup before eating?" NEVER!!!!! We DO, however, add just a touch of natural stevia to a couple of our products that helps to entice customers as well as maintaining that "sweet tooth" habit that fake toppings and syrups have permeated our taste buds.

   We started our It's Just That Simple!™ brand because of the explosive instances of diabetes among children and adults and wanted to do something about it. And we did! And at a cost that every single family can afford.

 One look at our labels will at the very least pique your curiosity and one bite will lure you to transform the way you eat.

   I could go on and on with regards to the healthy benefits of fruits and berries but I would much rather have you try our products and see for yourself what Mother Nature can provide and see how we, at The Yankee Chef kitchens, can take advantage of her gifts.

   Every single customer at our popular $2 Sundae stands throughout central Maine has expressed disbelief that we add no sugar or corn syrup, and now it is your turn.

   What can you use our products on? We suggest reversing each topping and syrup. For example, try our ice cream toppings on breakfast items and our breakfast syrups on ice cream!

   Try any of our toppings and syrups blended with yogurt or cottage cheese for a healthy alternative to sweets.

   Try adding our dessert toppings on top of cheesecake or blend our breakfast syrups with your favorite barbecue sauces or chile sauce before basting those ribs, chicken or proteins during the summer months.

   Better yet, try taking a peak at our Facebook page for more ideas and keep up with our expanding line of products! Each and every one of them will NEVER have added sugar or corn syrup....EVER!

   How can you get your hands on these great products? Simple leave a message and we will respond within a day.....


16 bottle cases(mix and match any of our products)-$62.70 per case, shipping costs included. Minimum of 3 cases.

12 bottle cases(mix and match any of our products)-$46.45 per case, shipping costs included.
Minimum of 3 cases.

16 bottle cases(mix and match any of our products)-$74.70 per case, shipping costs included.
NO minimum.

12 bottle cases(mix and match any of our products)-$55.45 per case, shipping costs included.
NO minimum.

6 bottle cases(mix and match any of our products)-$34.45 per case, shipping costs included.
NO minimum.

You can contact us here or at for more information or for ordering purposes. We only accept checks and money orders presently, which have to clear before orders are shipped out. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Now for our NEWEST line of pure Maine goodness!

Plain Maine Ice Cream Whoopie Pies and Plain Maine Whoopie Pie Ice Cream
The Plain Maine Ice Cream Whoopies are made with our own marshmallow/fudge-swirled vanilla ice cream sandwiched between 2 giant REAL whoopie pie cakes. Honestly, big enough to share.
The Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Whoopies have peanut butter sauce/marshmallow sauce-swirled chocolate ice cream. Oh yeah!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie Ice Cream.
Using the same ice cream as above for each ice cream cup, we add loads...No! Let me rephrase that...LOADS of real, filled whoopie pies, cut up and hand mixed into the respective ice cream containers. That's right! Filled whoopie pies INSIDE the swirled ice cream. And these are only available by the single serving sizes, which are 8 ounce containers.

We are continually adding to our line, so please stay informed by visiting often.

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